Wednesday, 31 March 2010

McNally Jackson Cafe by Front Studio

There is a little bookstore cafè in Manhattan’s Nolita neighborhood called McNally Jackson Bookstore, where I used to spend quite a bit of time reading the magazines provided and drinking hot american coffee...Well, I just found out reading the contemporist blog, that New York based Front Studio have completed the design for its a really nice way!


Tooth­pick Thoughts

One of the first sequences of the 'Objectified' film con­tained a fun fact about Japan­ese tooth­picks. As you may have noticed, one end is dec­o­rated with some grooves. Well, In Japan, break­ing off the tip not only sig­ni­fies that the tooth­pick has been used, it also gives the tooth­pick a small stand to rest on. I have been using these tooth­picks my whole life and never real­ized this fact, Brilliant!!!

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Hella Jongerius

Just finished watching Objectified, finally, by Gary Hustwit(director of Helvetica)and thouht of posting the gorgeous work by Dutch designer HELLA JONGERIUS who works with fusing traditional and contemporary influences, high tech and low tech, the industrial and artisanal. Love the way her works show the traces of how they were made,
embracing imperfections and unusual mixtures of materials and techniques.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Hotel Basico

Mexican hotel in the Caribbean coast town of Playa del Carmen made out of a mix of recycled 50's industrial aesthetic and real recycled materials, like the rooftop pools made out of oil tanks and the cabanas made from the back of old trucks. Pretty hip and young.

Monday, 22 March 2010




Mag Walls

Elding Oscarson architecture studio designed walls made out of magazines for design studio Oktavilla, sweden. Love 'em.
via:a patternaday

Matt Stuart

British photographer Matt Stuart wanders parks, tube stations and the city streets of London, waiting for ironic and funny visual accidents to cross his path.
If u see Stuart’s street photography you will find yourself smiling and nodding to his humorous touch.


I went to see HotChip concert on thursay night! Hot Chip live is just awesome. We danced like crazy and when I went home I listend again to their albums 'over and over'again!!!Great combination of lighs too!!

Wednesday, 17 March 2010


In different metro stations in Paris you can relax in loungeroom settings provided by IKEA that has developed this new campaign where customers can really interact with the brand by sitting on the products provided.
good one!!!
via: designboom

Tuesday, 16 March 2010
beautiful interiors photographer


Last night I went to the Yeasayer concert at Tunnel, Milan.
Amazing how different this bunch of kids from Brooklyn look one another, its as if they all come from a different band!

Wednesday, 10 March 2010


aaahhhh of course someone else had a similar idea...(my b.c.)
nothing is new, there are no new ideas, you just have to see things in a different way.
good job, Michael Ifland.
via: fondalashay

nice combination of materials and colors

pendant lights made from salvaged parts by Robert Ogden

Shutter Island

Yesterday, on a snowy tuesday night, I went to see the new Scorzese thriller-horror-B-movie 'Shutter Island' based on Dennis Lehane's novel.
I cannot deny the power of the best B movies of the past, but, when one of the best directors of the present revives such monsters, what can he expect!!!
I loved though the drammatic and vivid lights of the photography, by director Robert Richardson, who has an extraordinary tecnique of making us brood over his images...

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Charlotte IRM

Me and Jane Doe is my favourite song of the album, IRM, recorded with Beck and written largely by him from lyrical scraps passed on by her.

I just love this pattern and colors