Friday, 26 February 2010

Nadav Kander

winner of Pictet prize and other awards such as D&AD, John Kobal Foundation in the UK; Epic in Europe, Art Director’s Club and IPA in the USA, this Israelian photographer living in Britain, really cought my interest.
A photographer friend recomended him to me and I can't stop looking at his website...Stunning shades of light pinks and greys showing such strong images seen from an uncommon and unique point of view.

Tim Walker

On my lunch break the other day I went to the Carla Sozzani Gallery on corso Como10, just round the corner from where I work..a friend told me abt British photographer Tim Walker exhibition so I went as soon as I could. I have to admit, I didnt really fancy the show at the Sozzani Gallery, it seems to be set randomly with no story and personality, plus, all pictures had the window light reflections on them...pretty bad for a photography show! But anyways the work itself its just Amazing...I love Walker's set designs for the shoots, they have a sense of magic and romance that enchants viewers, talking their mind into a glamourous farytale dreamy world!! Worth a look!

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Robin Schwartz

'Photography gives us the opportunity to access our dreams, to discover the extraordinary.'
'The world that my daughter and I explore is one where the line between human and animal overlaps or is blurred'

Loïe Fuller

Loïe Fuller, pioneer of both modern dance and theatrical lighting techniques,
she used to combine her choreography with silk costumes illuminated by multi-coloured lighting of her own designs...I love the 'serpentine dance' in the video.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

‘Gecko: Think Forward’

‘Gecko: Think Forward’ competition by Création Baumann
via: architonic


LoVe knitted objects!
would like to see how the light comes through the texture.lovely.
‘Granny’ pendant lamp by Pudelskern Design for Casamania (IT)


I bumped into Apartamento Magazine again the other day at a friends place.
It has been created by Nacho Alegre, photographer, Omar Sosa and Albert Folch from Albert Folch Studio in Barcelona, and Marco Velardi, an independent writer and curator based in Milan.
It's basically an interior design magazine, but a magazine that one can relate to, it was born to tell the story of personal experiences and lifes through the spaces where we live and work. Everyday stories, seen without the usual masks of look-a-like interiors perfect to the millimeter, because in real life variables are infinite and unpredictable since every environment has got its own dynamics and peculiarities that make it special. And this is missing in every I.D. magazine we find around in the bookshop's design section.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010


Stunning images from Vancuver Olympic games Opening Cerimony


Design studio from japan.
I like the way they choose one strong element or material in all their projects and then use it in a strong and couragious way still keeping it simple.
via: dezeen


I just discovered this FashionDesigner from Belgium. Love his unusual fairytail cartoonish creations, have a look at all his past collections, they are astonishing!
via: todayandtomorrow


Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Chinese pretty girls calendar! :///


I went!!! I finally managed to go see Avatar by genius James Cameron.
I have to say just from the heart, that I loved it! I got so much into Pandora's scenarios that when the movie ended I felt like flying, like I was connected to all people around me! It might seem a little hippy and 'flower power' but I think it's just simplistic seeying it that way. To me Cameron pointed out a really imortant aspect missing in contemporary lifestyle: living in harmony with nature, and being wise about the creatures we share the world with...
Cameron defenetly took the medium of cinema to the next level and its all enriched with poetic visual detailing such as those small graceful floating creatures that look like a cross between a blowing dandelion seed and a drifting jellyfish...

Monday, 1 February 2010

DIY Partition Walls in My Room


Completely fell in love with this brazilian photographer shoots

IPad, of course!

Here it is, finally, after months of online blog speculations, without any official indication by Apple that the product even exists, finally the new tablet was officially presented in Frisco this month.
The iPad is essentially a giant iPod Touch but with more features of a laptop, my main concern is, though, that I feel it doesnt really answer a need in the way that the iPod and the iPhone in a way too, did...
But we'll have to wait and see how people will react when it will be on stores in april... is it gonna be the first big apple flop or will it be the future's 'big thing'?