Friday, 30 April 2010

Artist Stereotypes


Josef Koudelka

I was talking to a friend one of these spring nights on the balcony and he mentioned a photographer I didnt know about, Josef Koudelka. I went to have a look at his photos and I totally fell in love with his photos of social and cultural rituals of the Gypsies of Slovakia and Romania. His characters are so unreal and theatrical that they look as if they'd come out of tales.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010


Word best restaurant, Noma, in Copenhagen stands for Nordisk Mad, or Nordic Food seats just 42 diners in a converted warehouse by the waterside in the Christianshavn district.
also check the guardian interview with the young chef, René Redzepi

The Riklin Brothers&The Anti Star Hotel

The Anti Star Hotel is the project that made me discover duo artist Frank and Patrik Riklin.
What they do is looking for unconventional solutions to the system's routines. As a result, people become actors in that process. In the Anti Star hotel they developed a way to use a nuclear bunker that sits in the middle of town. The brothers dressed the hotel naked bunker rooms with bulky anonymous furniture and there is no warm water, the heating is only up to 15 degrees. The Hotel finds its roots and values in today’s world of changing economic, ecological and social environments.

American Beauties

American artist Cindy Sherman made a new series of photos called Untitled, casting herself as 14 American looking female characters that seem obsessed with aging and scial status. Some of them look mean, heartless and unhappy, as if they would kill in order to win their youth. Duch photographer Ruud van Empel says ''s a very American topic she is working on here, and I suppose for American women this could be very shocking, especially when they recognise themselves in these pictures. She is holding a mirror in front of a rich class of Americans'...


I'm planning my trip to Tokyo and I'm finding a lot of lovely things about the city.
Looking at The Sartorialist blog I found these photos of young people around town dressed in such creative ways...

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

'How It Is', by MiroslawBalka@TateTurbineHall

I was wondering the other day what was the latest commission of the Unilever Series at Tate London Turbine Hall and then, last night, I found a really good article in Cura. Magazine. The Turbine Hall was filled with the huge work by contemporary Polish artist Miroslaw Balka. Balka made a steel construction of thirteen meters high and thirty meters deep two meters off the turbine floor. 'The work inverts the architecture of the Turbine Hall, its almost like a negative of the space it is placed in'. Wish I could have see it, must have been a really interesting physical condition do be in.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Do Pirate

On DAMn°21 Magazine I found a nice article:'Payback Time' written by Erik Kessels.
'Sometimes, it's nice when people steal your ideas...unlike your stereo, idea theft can be a compliment: they like what you do and the way you think.'
'Do Pirate' is an initiative by French artist Mathieu Maingourd. What he does is take bits of famous design and make them the cheapest possible knock-offs.


I was looking at D Mag and saw this awsome iridescent plastic dress by JilSander.

Kinetic Sculpture

Kinetic Sculpture for the BMW Museum, Munich 2008 from ART+COM on Vimeo.

I'm sure some have already seen this. It hypnotises me everytime I see it.
Kinetic Sculpture is designed by Art+Com for the BMW Museum. 714 metal spheres, hanging from thin steel wires attached to individually-controlled stepper motors and covering the area of six square meters, animate a seven minute long mechatronic narrative.

Augmented Sculpture

Augmented Sculpture by GROSSE8 & LICHTFRONT / Passagen 2010 from Lichtfront on Vimeo.

“Augmented Sculpture” by design agencies Grosse8 and Lichtfront. The installation is a 2,5m tall wooden sculpture augmented with projections in sync with an audio track.


I watched this movie directed by Wong Kar Wai a while ago. The story is about a girl called Elizabeth who tries to recover emotionally following the end of an affair. She finds comfort in the blueberry pie a boy bakes in his caefè daily despite the fact none of his customers ever order it. I loved the colours and settings of the film. its just beautiful.

Monday, 19 April 2010


work by Vivi


Shots from Svarovsky Cristal Palace at Design Week on via Tortona


Wise Thoughts

Promoting an healthier environment and lifestyle in a fun street way.

eBay going physical

in Milan underground

Balanced Libellula

Aesthetics and Perfection Swiss Design

At Rho Fiera in Milan I saw a couple of really beautiful things, and this Swiss furniture design brand is one of them.
The chair is inspired by plant structures and made with boat-building techniques.


clever type treatments representing iconic elements of each city.
Advertising Agency: IESP, João Pessoa, Brazil
Creative Director: Elias Figueiroa
via: cyanatrendland

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Design Week Day 3

I went for a walk to check out on SuperStudioPiù and I have to say TomDixon and Frau's stands were the best so far.
Dixon presented his new pendant lights called Void, "a mysterious lighting object with a heatproof double wall spun construction available in solid copper, brass or stainless steel."

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Design Week Day 1

So here we are, Milan Design Week started.
I'm working on via Tortona, where everything happens.
Tall blond business women are running around, grannies looking for their grandsons graduation work, students looking for inspiration and fashion victims looking for the coolest spot where to have their new fb picture taken.
People are happy friendly and smily; best days of the year.
I went to check the Toshiba Led experience (check video) on the other side of the road, on via Bugatti 4 and it was quite of an extraordinary feeling.
What Toshiba did is a new concept called 'Lucèste' that stands for the italian words: luce(light) and celeste(of sky). Lucèste is a space for visitors to explore the original beauty of light itself.
The atmosphere is very delicate and gentle; a ceiling-mounted LED installation diffuses lighting through a veil of swirling mist to suffuse the exhibition space with a spectrum of growing color. Toshiba commissioned architect Makoto Tanijiri to surround people with a gentle light that gives the feeling of a womb, bringing a sense of connection for human beings with the natural ecosystem of the earth.
Simply Beautiful, worth a look.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010


This gorgeous plaited hair styles came out from a collaboration between hairdressing academy Studio Marisol and Spanish designers CuldeSac. Adorable!