Monday, 20 December 2010

Misfit in R'dam

I went to see this exhibition the day before coming back to Italy and I really loved it. The show displays the desiger work by Hella Jongerius in a very creative way, using colour palettes and contrast to lead the viewers eyes from one object to the other.
The way Hella works is very unique and what is so special about it is the way she uses craftmanship into massproduction by adding little 'misfits' and imperfection in each of her objects.
Her work I find very attractive and feminine too, but curagious and funny at the same time.
worth checkin' it out be4 february 2011 at Boijmans Museum, rottedam<<<<<


  1. i really like the pics, soo inspired!!!!!

  2. thank you andwhatelseisthere, it it a beautiful exhibition by hella jongarious in r'dam. good job with your job. wish u luck xx