Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Bloom my Mind

If we'd copy nature we would only make things so beautiful that we wouldn't be able to take our eyes off them.
This photos are taken from a dutch magazine I love: Bloom. Bloom puts the spotlight on artists and designers wich are working within the territory of nature: plants, flowers, minerals...the whole magazine is a beautiful piece of art, of which each page shows a new magical world.


  1. have very bad experience with their (or their NL supplier's?) odd subscription politics... they sent the subscription to my office (we didn't order this!), were not able to explain me who ordered that and in general were very unpleasant on the phone. the photos are nice tho.

  2. oh girl thats too bad to hear... anyways their pics are pur beauty so as long as I dont have to deal with their organizations Im good
    c u